Tulle bi Telli

Tulle bi telli, translated as ‘net with wire,’ is a traditional metal thread embroidery technique associated with the Upper Egyptian city of Asyut. The word Tulle, Arabised to Tur (Tur_bi_Telli), is a French word meaning ‘net’ referencing the net-like textile that is embellished with Telli.     Tulle_bi_telli vs Telli The word Telli has two meanings. Originating from the Turkish word tel meaning ‘shining thread’ or ‘wire’, it refers to the flat metal straw or ribbon known as khus in Khaleeji Arabic, the dialect used in the Gulf countries including the UAE. The word telli refers to the craft of weaving a braid and applying it to fabric using a couching stitch. This unique style … Continue reading Tulle bi Telli